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Douglasville, GA City Facts and History

Located at a natural rise in the topography, Douglasville was originally known as Skint Chestnut. The name derived from a large tree used by Indians as a landmark, which was stripped of its bark so as to be more conspicuous.

Douglasville was founded in 1874 as the railroad arrived into the area. That same year, Douglasville was designated county seat of the recently formed Douglas County. The community was named for Senator Stephen A. Douglas.

An election was held on the first Saturday in March 1875, and a mayor, treasurer, records (secretary), and marshal were chosen.

In 1916, the Reverend Atkinson of Douglasville was a key figure in the Arc Light Controversy in Atlanta. In the 1930s the song Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland was written about Douglasville.

Douglasville, GA Demographics

People and Household Facts

2013 Estimated Population31,890
2012 Estimated Population31,289
2010 Population30,961
Percent of persons under 5 years old 20108.2%
Percent of persons under 18 years old 201028.3%
Percent of persons over 65 years old 20106.8%
Percent of persons over 25 that are high school graduates 2008-201288.7%
Percent of persons over 25 with Bachelor’s degree or higher 2008-201288.7%
Number of households 2008-201211,601
Persons per household 2008-20122.57
Per capita income in 2012$25,011
Median household income 2008-2012$48,378

Douglasville Business Facts

Total number of businesses in 20074,535
Merchant wholesaler sales in 2007$57,487,000
Merchant retail sales in 2007$1,034,466,000
Retail sales per capita in 2007$35,052,000

Directions to Douglasville, Georgia

The City of Douglasville is 20 miles from downtown Atlanta and just 10 minutes west of Six Flags Over Georgia. We have numerous restaurants, hotels and shopping for your convenience.

Directions to Douglasville: If traveling Interstate 75 or 85, take this to Interstate 20 west. Follow I-20 to exits 37,36, and 34. These are all exits to Douglasville.

If traveling from I-285, follow the signs that say Birmingham. This will lead you to I-20 west, then follow to exits 37, 36, and 34.

If traveling I-20 east from Alabama or other western states, follow I-20 east to exits 34, 36, and 37. These are all exits for Douglasville.

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